wedding in the Masoala hall of the zoo Zurich

Masoala hall – zoo Zurich

After the getting-ready in Rigiblick Zurich we drove together to the wedding in zoo of Zurich.

A wedding in the zoo? Yes, you heard right. It is possible to get married in the zoo of zurich. Not between lions and tigers, but in the Masoala hall. The Masoala Hall is about one hectare in size and forms part of the Madagascar Masoala rainforest. More than 50 different  species from Madagascar live in the hall. You will surely see some of these in the pictures. In the Masoala hall you can marry under tropical waitresses. For the guests, in addition to the actual wedding ceremony, a guided tour is included. Of course, the aperitif is missing as well as a jungle bar (Mora-Mora Bar) away from the normal tour. On a musical accompaniment you have to do without the animals – which I can only welcome … the sounds of the animals were anyway much more exciting :).

But now you are asking yourself, why did they just want to marry in the jungle in the middle of Zurich?

Stephanie and Luca meet each other during her time as a diving instructor in Thailand, specifically on the small island of Koh Tao. Steffi’s and Luca’s biggest dream was to give the sanctuary on Koh Tao (pictures follow). So that the guests can get used to the prevailing temperatures and conditions, they chose the wedding in the jungle of the Masoala Hall of the zoo in Zurich. Not only for the guests it was an exciting experience to the ceremony between all the tropical trees, reptiles running free and the beautiful butterflies, no, for me it was something very special. Once again in Rigiblick in Zurich, we celebrated with the bridal couple until late at night.

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