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Wedding on Koh Tao – Thailand

Island Beach Wedding

Lying in the Gulf of Thailand. At 8 square miles (21 km²) and with about 5,000 inhabitants, Koh Tao is the third largest island in the Samui Archipelago, which includes about 60 other islands. It was long uninhabited, but has in recent years become a popular travel destination and the absolute hotspot in Southeast Asia for diving beginners. Since the island has no airport, travel to/from is by ferry, which is actually a great experience in its own right. By the way,Koh Tao means Turtle Island. Not only was the sea around the island formerly inhabited by many sea turtles, they are still being bred on Koh Tao to prevent the extinction of the species and for eventual release into the reefs.

The Wedding on Koh Tao

Stephanie and Luca are not only huge fans of the island (Stephanie even has a tattoo with the outline of Koh Tao on her right forearm), it also has a very special meaning for the couple. This is where they met while working as diving instructors and fell in love. Of course, they wanted to celebrate their wedding in this very place with their entire family and many friends and former colleagues.

After I witnesses the couple’s wedding in the Masoala Hall at Zurich Zoo, I traveled with the two for the beach wedding at the 4-star Haadtien Beach Resort on the beautiful island of Koh Tao. There they were accompanied not only by me, but also by their wedding planner Winnie Wong from A FairyTao Wedding . Although Stephanie and Luca had celebrated their wedding in Switzerland in the miniature rain forest inside Masoala Hall in order to give their guests a foretaste of the upcoming beach ceremony, the heat and humidity on Koh Tao was enormous.

A Wedding by the Sea

After the final preparations, Stephanie and Luca finally went down to the crystal-clear waters where the beach ceremony was held. Not only the sea and the sky shone in a rich blue, also the floral decoration and the clothing of the bridal couple and the guests reflected the colorful surroundings. The party that followed under the palm trees decorated with lanterns then lasted until late into the night. Live music and a great atmosphere provided the guests with a lot of fun and good entertainment.

The Photos of Stephanie and Luca

On the evening of the wedding, I photographed the newlywed couple in front of the sun setting over the sea. For the actual shoot, we then made our way the next day to the most beautiful spots on the island. Since the two of them lived on Koh Tao for so long, they know many wonderful spots that we rode to on our scooters to take some truly special photos.

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