Wedding celebration Birnauer Oberhof – wedding ceremony at Lake Constance

Wedding celebration Birnauer Oberhof – wedding ceremony at Lake Constance

A wedding ceremony at the Birnauer-Oberhof is always something very special. That’s why Melissa and Patrick decided to celebrate their wedding with their family and friends on the traditional estate located directly on Lake Constance.

The wedding location

The Birnauer-Oberhof is located above the 18th century Basilica Birnau, a popular place of pilgrimage. In the midst of breathtaking scenery, couples can say yes to each other here with a unique view of Birnau and Lake Constance.
The history of the old estate goes back over 800 years: after the farm and the cultivation of the adjacent fields were initially the responsibility of the Salem monastery, the family of the Margrave of Baden took over in the 19th century. Today the Birnauer Oberhof with its neighbouring vineyards is under landscape protection and has become a popular destination for excursions. Guests can enjoy the estate’s first-class wines as well as the local cuisine made from regional produce.

The wedding ceremony of Melissa and Patric

A long white carpet led directly to the festively decorated plateau, where the funeral director Alfons Keller and a joyfully excited Patrick were waiting for the bride to arrive. With a view of the beautiful Lake Constance, the surrounding vineyards and the Birnau Basilica, the wedding guests watched the young couple’s emotional wedding ceremony with excitement.
After the numerous congratulations of the guests, I took Melissa and Patrick for a small photo shooting on the paths around the old basilica, while in the garden of the Oberhof a toast was raised to the newly married couple.
For the following celebration, the wedding party finally moved to the adjoining, elegantly furnished manor barn, where the bridal couple celebrated the start of a new phase in their lives together with family and friends.

Speaker: Alfons Keller

Location:  Weinstube Birnauer Oberhof